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In the Israeli construction industry, the need to increase efficiency and speed of construction cannot come at the expense of quality of construction and worker safety. Another challenge is communications between employees, which can prevent a lot mistakes and shorten work time for plans in construction projects. Hence the desire to combine Intellectual and technological innovation in order to cope with various challenges and to integrate computerized systems in the construction industry, which can be useful in gathering information in the field in the areas of task management and performance, safety defects, quality assurance, risk management, and handover management.

ABC-COM LTD is a company active in the field of innovation in the construction and infrastructure industry in Israel and abroad. The company’s team has been operating for the past decade in the industry, including engineers and consultants.

Many projects have been conducted in the field, including mega infrastructure projects (roads, railways, bridges, and transportation), office buildings, luxury residences, and unique projects. Among our clients are institutional and contractor customers.

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