Scanning, 3D virtual photography and 360 ° photography services for recording, monitoring and tracking on site!

  • Replace thousands of images in one simple, realistic 3D model.
  • Using the 3D virtual tour to be everywhere, from anywhere!
  • Full transparency of the project towards the management level.
  • Monitoring and Control - attention to details.
  • A tool for making informed and intelligent decisions!
  • Creating a facility book.

3D Virtual Tour and 360° photography

The 3D Virtual Tour is a 360° photography technique that allows visitors to experience the site on a maximum scale and to examine it from any angle. Once a virtual tour is produced in high quality and in full accordance with the requirements of the customer it is another platform for documentation, monitoring and control of the project thus enabling examination of defects, safety problems, quality, non-conformance issues, progress of the contractors in the project, etc. This technique allows attention to small details and helps to avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes.

360° photographs enable the “”Lean Management”” approach to be implemented and to provide full transparency of the project to the management level, so that the manager can walk through the site and become fully involved in the construction process.

Scanning and 3D virtual tour photography in

  • Scan in 3D view.
  • Display the scan as a 3D Dollhouse view, as inside view, and as a floor plans.
  • Zoom allows to see labels on the site.
  • Marking problematic areas.
  • Attach files using a link on the tour such as: documents, videos, tasks, and comments on the scan.
  • Classification of notes and tasks by color.
  • Send and share your tour simply by linking via email or any other social media.
  • Link to BIM systems such as Revit - cloud point measurement and point comparison option.
  • Possible to use virtual reality glasses.
  • Saving data in the cloud for simple and easy storage - Access anywhere.
  • Quality and safety documentation.

Virtual photography in a variety of views

Dollhouse view

Inside view

Floor plan view


photography on a 360° camera

360° photography services, you can rotate the image with your mouse in any direction – 360°, up and down, at any moment you can pause the video and observe the area calmly thus avoid unnecessary and expensive mistakes!

photographing the site every week gives the full picture of the situation and allows you to see progress of various contractors in the project.

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